Tanzuka company is a Russian developer, manufacturer and supplier of electronics and IT solutions

Tanzuka's mission is the development of domestic electronic developments and digital technologies

As an Integrator, it provides the supply of high-tech equipment. “Tanzuka” aims to interact with vendors and software developers

Under the Tanzuka brand it can promote various domestic developments with the aim of scaling them and occupying a certain niche in the market. Therefore, the company is aimed at interacting with contract electronics manufacturers

The priority of work for Tanzuk is the implementation of projects with large customers, corporate customers and state corporations

Managerial competencies make it possible to attract direct investment into high-tech projects, as well as various measures of government support and development institutions for the creation of domestic products

The Tanzuka team is aimed at interacting with foreign partners to localize high-tech production in Russia.

Tanzuka is interested in attracting product and engineering teams. Send your resume using the form

Tanzuka Competencies

Supply of electronics and equipment

Software development

Telecommunication systems

Computing systems

Information Security

Systems for collaboration and unified communications

Multimedia systems

Structured Cabling Systems

Dispatch systems

Engineering systems

Industry news

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